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Boutique’s history

Shalom, Meet Sister Yaqahah

The Founder, The Visionist & CEO of Sabbath Boutiques;
where visions are made true.
During the spring of 2016, she decide to create products to accommodate her biblical customs and as well for others. Based on culture she is doing her best to accommodate a life style of clean, healthy and safe products for a royal nation.
She provides lawful skin care products available for:
Men, Women & Children.
Her mission, is to provide a great products, safe and worry free, No hiding unknown ingredients here with her research to insure a clean product line, she hope to also bring awareness to the world hoping to one day offer jobs to help rebuild family’s and her community.
Sabbath Boutiques offer a line of Men’s, Woman and children safe products.
•Aromatherapy Essentials
•Bath and Body Essentials
•Hair Essentials
•Facial Essentials
•Home Essentials
•Travel apparel
Giving honor and prise where it is do, with out Ahayah (IAM) our purpose will be nothing with out the heavenly father.
I am Blessed By The Best And His Name Is AHAYAH!

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